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Grab a bargain on Luxury Travel Diary

Yasmin uploaded a beautiful review about Villa Russelia on Luxury Travel Diary the other day. Read the full review and the photo gallery here.

Now, Villa Russelia is featured in an auction on! Place a bid in the auction and, if you are the winner, you can stay at Villa Russelia for 7 nights with your company (up to 8 persons in total) at price far lower than the list price of 1400 €. This is a fantastic opportunity to "test drive" our facilities and hospitality!

How it works:

  1. Click "Place bid"

  2. Write the desired amount in the field "Enter Your Max Bid" and click the button "Submit Bid". Follow the instructions on screen.

The auction ends on 30 November 2015.

Thank you Yasmin!

Visit Luxury Travel Diary at or follow them on twitter

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