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8 Days Meditation and Shamanic Yoga Retreat at Villa Russelia | Book Online

David Ikonomou and Christof Schnepp will be organising a Shamanic Yoga retreat at Villa Russelia this October and there is still last-minute availability, so make sure to visit the event page for a detailled description and and book online to secure your place:

This will be a week of relaxation, excercise and contemplation! Two vegetarian meals per day, as well as two excursion to places of unique beauty are included in the price. From the event description:

Enjoy a week-long retreat in the beautiful surroundings of Villa Russelia, next to the sacred town of ancient Kamiros. Immerse yourself in the combination of yogic traditions and shamanic techniques. Use the knowledge of your ancestors to take further steps to delve into the beauty of the unknown. In the seclusion of retreat setting, you can really go deep into connecting with yourself.


  • 7 morning yoga sessions

  • Seated and dynamic meditation

  • Afternoon guided meditations and shamanic work

  • Sound journeys with gong, singing bowls, didgeridoo

  • Medicine wheel ceremony and mantra chants

  • Lectures on shamanic or yogic philosophy

  • 2 fresh vegetarian meals daily

  • 7 nights accommodation

Instructors: Christof Schnepp ( David Ikonomou (

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