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12th Medieval Rose Festival 2018 in the Old City of Rhodes

Welcome.. to the journey to the fairy time of the Middle Ages!

While wandering in the Mysterious streets of the Medieval Town, we shall meet Fairies, Witches and Dragons of our Legendary past. We shall discover the untold Heroic History and the lost Folk Tradition.

We shall become witnesses of Brave Battles and observers of the everyday life of another time, at a place that became the Last Impervious Fortress of Europe.

Through the magical trip, back to the time, we shall learn how Today is being distinguished of Yesterday and dignifies Tomorrow.

Tradition, History and Myth... The legend of Rhodes... In a Medieval Festival!

A cultural journey which shall excite thee...

The festival

The Medieval Rose Festival is an annual event (started back in 2006) that takes place in May each year. Every year, different parts of the Medieval Town and the Moat are outfitted as it would have been during medieval times, complete with wooden stalls selling traditional dishes and handicrafts and exhibitions.

A squadron of historians, musicians, actors, visual artists, actors and craftsmen gather to make the festival an authentic experience.The Festival gives our visitors the chance to transport themselves back into the medieval times in Rhodes, mix with the actors and participate in the various events or attend the atmospheric performances. The events include mock sword fights and a dragon hunt, as well as discussions, plays, concerts, storytelling, historical dances and more inspired by local history and legends.

Check the video below to get a glimpse at the festival.

There is more to it

The Tale of RodoDafnousa is a fictional story/poem about love in the time of Black Death (AD 1498), inspired by actual historical facts from the Archives of Rhodes City. The story itself is by Anna Achiola and the shots/videos of it are pictured by the camera of Milton Louiz - both of which have been involved in developing and maintaining the Medieval Festival of Rhodes. A video has been created to show the preparation for this exhibition, featuring shootings at several locations of modern Rhodes that still resemble the feeling and atmosphere of the medieval times. Check the video below.

The Medieval Rose Organisation

The Medieval Rose is a non-governmental and not-for-profit cultural organisation that was founded in 2005 in order to establish, organise and run the Medieval Festival οf Rhodes during which the history, the traditions and legends of Medieval Rhodes are recreated through happenings, workshops and games. After the 1st Medieval Fair in 2006, the Medieval Festival was realized in May 2007 with the aim to be established on a regular annual basis.

Links and contact

In 2018 the Medieval Festival will be placed in the Medieval Moat, under the Gate d’ Amboise. Visit the official page of the Medieval Festival in Rhodes to find out more: or join the festival's page on facebook to get the latest updates:

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