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Rhodes Road Trip: West Coast from Ialyssós to Fourni Beach

Piia from the blog Ticket To Adventures visited Rhodes back in 2017 and set to thoroughly explore the island.

In her own words: "Rhodes is a large and versatile island with plenty to see and do. I had already explored medieval Rhodes old town together with the more modern part of Rhodes town as well as the historical town of Ialyssós and Filerimos Hill. However, there is much more to Rhodes than just these places."

Piia therefore decided to go on a road trip on the west coast of Rhodes to explore the less traveled side of the island, with its small traditional villages, breathtaking landscapes and sites full of history.

Piia's starting point was Ialyssós, one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes, She then continued along the west coast past the Airport, Ancient Kamiros (this is where Villa Russelia is located) and all the way down to Monolithos Village and Castle as well as Fourni beach on the south-west of the island. A trip leading through lush green forests and magnificent landscapes, beautiful and private beaches as well as fishermen ports and villages that offer fresh and delicious local food.

Piia also documented her road trip with on a very useful interactive map, which contains all her stops. It makes it easy for anyone who wants to follow her steps and do the same trip on their own. Add in some extra stops to local wineries and some truly private small bays for swimming or a short trip to mountain villages like Embonas and you are set for a memorable travel experience that will bring you in touch with the real Rhodes.

For more ideas and suggestions about things to do and places to visit on the west coast, visit or get in touch with us directly - we are always happy to assist travelers gain beautiful memories, even if they do not stay with us.

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