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Villa Russelia receives a swimming pool in 2019!

Big news to be announced in 2019 for Villa Russelia guests: we are building a brand new swimming pool in our garden for our guests to enjoy. We promise, this will be a fantastic feature for the coming season!

For years, we hesitated to build a swimming pool, even though it was requested by many of our guests, since we did not want to alterate the “character” of the property and impact the integration of the house into its natural environment. Until, this year, we found the right partner and building solution to build a pool that is seamlessly integrated in the garden and also gives the property the flair of an Italian villa - the Greek style.

For the construction of the pool we chose to work with PISCINES IDEALES and their engineer on Rhodes, Tassos Chatzidakis. Apart from the excellent cooperation (the pool was built in 3 weeks time, which is really fast given the quality of construction), the choice of Piscines Ideales has proved to be a successful one for more than one reasons. The company offers high quality, durable materials that resemble natural materials like stone. This allowed us to design the pool to match the design of the house and integrate beautifully with the garden.

Piscines Ideales ( also offer an ecological construction for their swimming pools which allows for building a high quality pool by minimising the impact on the ecosystem of the garden. Saving water, energy and money during the construction and also during the pools’ every day use, makes this a certified eco-friendly swimming pool.

Here is what their building method has to offer:

  • Environmentally-friendly construction and operation

  • Reduced use of water and energy

  • Minimum use of disinfectants

  • More environmentally friendly options to upgrade your pool

As we progress and finalise the pool and its surrounding area, we will keep you posted. Stay tuned!

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